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Clear, consistent, and timely communication is crucial to managing emergencies. SafeGuard OES wirelessly helps connect offices, classrooms, administrators and first responders to help manage crisis situations effectively. Our patented system is quick to install, non-invasive and precise to the point of providing the exact building, floor level and suite number of the emergency. We also connect the nearest cameras to the location(s) in communication, giving 9-1-1 dispatch eyes on the scene before first responders arrive. 

Protect Your People. Protect Your Schools.

PATENT NO: US 11,074,792 B2

  • Communicate time-sensitive information in seconds​

  • Make informed decisions with verified threat intelligence including the precise location of an incident

  • Confirm student and employee safety with instant, two-way messaging 

  • Ensure delivery to all stakeholders including 9-1-1 with multi-channel notifications

  • Connect all necessary stakeholders with the nearest video cameras to the location

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